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NEZLOBIN & CHUZHOY Standup в Филадельфия

Дата и время
Суббота, 11 ФЕВ • 2023, 20:00 - 23:00
JCC KleinLife
10100 Jamison Ave Philadelphia, PA 19116 Посмотреть карту

Dennis Chuzhoy - one of the most influential independent comedians from Russia. He built his career using social media and YouTube. TV appearances would have made him popular way faster but being a TV comedian in Russia means not talking about politics or depression. But those are the most fun topics! When the war started, Dennis publicly declared his anti-war position and left the country. Now he lives in Turkey which makes him an international comedian! He’s not so happy about it.

Sasha Nezlobin - greatest comedy exports to reach the US market. A pioneer of the genre in Russia, Nezlobin was the first Russian/Ukrainian comedian to produce, perform and film his own one-hour comedy special. He then directed a sitcom about a female Russian stand up comedian. Nezlobin recently relocated to the United States and has sold out The Hollywood Improv's main room on two separate occasions as part of his previous North American tours.


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